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Forensic Mortgage Audit vs. Securitization Audit?

What is a Forensic Audit & Appraisal Analysis Report? AUDIT OF THE BORROWER's EXPERIENCE

The audit is a review of the mortgage related documents signed by the borrower on the day of closing. The audit focuses on disclosure violations of federal law (TILA, RESPA, FDCPA, HOEPA, and others) and state laws (common law, fees, yield spreads, contract law, and others). The audit also looks for appraisal fraud/negligence, commissions violations, refund eligibility, misapplied payments, calculation errors, application fraud, and more. Get a Forensic Mortgage Audit Report here

What is a Securitization Audit Report? AUDIT OF THE NOTE AND MORTGAGE's EXPERIENCE

The audit is a review of the sale transaction that took place after you received your loan. The audit focuses on chain of title, note and deed possession issues, and more. Get a Securitization Audit Report here. More on securitization audits CLICK HERE.

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