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FREE Bookkeeping Consultation!

When an MBA/Accountant handles your bookkeeping, you make more profit and minimize taxes. SPOILER ALERT: It's affordable! More than just bookkeeping, we've helped our clients:

• Increase revenue by over 65%

• Significantly increase profitability

• Beat growth goals, including expansion

• Save on taxes

• Save their time so they can focus on the business

Solution Focused Financial LLC, can handle all aspects of your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting/Analysis, and Tax Preparation needs for small to mid-sized businesses. Every client gets personal attention directly from me. My plans, services, and pricing are specifically catered to your needs and size. Whether you are a sole proprietor, small LLC/S-Corp, OR mid-sized LLC/Corporation.

SFF can also consult and assist you with specific technology needs. For example, Accepting Online Payments, Automating Invoicing & Accounting, Internet Marketing, Website Development & Design, and more...

Here is a list of some of the services SFF can offer your business:
  •   Business Consulting (Financial and Sales & Marketing)

  •   SBA/Business/Commercial Property Loans (Financial Statement Presentation & Forecasting)

  •   Lead Generation (Many Business Types)

  •   Business Plan Help

  •   Business Process Improvement

  •   Accepting Online Payments

  •   Automating Invoicing & Accounting

  •   Bookkeeping

  •   Income tax preparation/planning

  •   Payroll

  •   Internet Marketing & Website Development & Design (see example:

  •   Targeted Marketing

  •   Sales Strategy

  •   Email Marketing

  •   Website SEO

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